What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is a process of making thoughtful financial & investment decisions keeping one’s life goals in perspective. It is an on-going & very dynamic process as it depends on various external factors. The output of comprehensive Financial Planning is a plan that clearly contours one’s savings & investments towards achieving the long-term & short-term financial goals. For an individual it is an analysis of his/her current cash-flows, fixed & variable expenses, future plans & projections w.r.t their risk appetite. A concrete financial plan helps an individual in achieving life goals by molding financial decision towards the directed path.

Who needs financial planning? And why?

We all have goals & dreams, whether long-term or short-term: dream to own a house or a car, dream to send our children to the best university & secure their future, dream to travel around the world or plan a blissful retirement for self. Each dream requires a focused approach towards achieving the same that includes planning finances as well. In other words, financial planning is an inevitable process to systematically plan your finances in order to achieve your short-term & long-term life goals. Although, it’s never too late, but it is advisable to start planning your finances as soon as possible to beat the rising cost of living due to inflation.

Benefits of Financial Planning:

Financial planning process is beneficial in many ways. Listing a few here:
  1. 1. Analyse cash flows & keep a watch on expenses
  2. 2. Boost savings & create wealth
  3. 3. Tax Management
  4. 4. Timely exit from dead investments & route funds towards better options
  5. 5. Ensures availability of funds when required
  6. 6. Helps in creating a contingency fund
And the list goes on…


Our Financial Experts first deep dive into your profiles to understand your priorities, dreams, responsibilities & risk potential and then chalk out a plan best. In short, we help them in creating a future road map.

  • Step 1: Discuss & Identify Current Financials

    The first step to any long-term plan is always to dissect the current situation. Our experts engage into personal discussions with the clients to understand their current profiles w.r.t cash flows, assets & liabilities, periodical expenses, sources of income and risks etc.

  • Step 2: Jot-down the life goals

    The whole purpose of financial planning is to help you achieve your long life goals. We help you in defining them more clearly & categorizing them in long-term & short-term. It would not be wrong to say that largely our process of financial planning depends on these clearly laid down life goals or objectives.

  • Step 3: Identify Gaps

    Once the current scenario & expectations are laid down clearly in black & white, next step is to identify gaps. By gaps we mean what path we need to choose to move from current road to our ultimate life goal. Herein we study the cash flows & identify the unwanted expenses & potential savings.

  • Step 4: Prepare the Unique Financial

    A Financial plan is unique to every individual as it depends on various factors (discussed in step 1-3), tendency to take risk & time available in hand. At this step we decide where to park funds & for what time period, plan for contingencies etc.

  • Step 5: Implementation

    Now is the time for real action. This might take longer than other stages as it involves gathering documents, opening accounts, making investments, buying insurances and many other activities.

  • Step 6: Periodical review of the Plan

    Each plan needs a little change now-and-then as per market dynamics. Thus, we not only create a plan but also make sure to review it periodically for you & make necessary changes (if required). Make a wise choice & enter into a long-term relationship with Sanguine Capital, your own financial planning advisers. Click here to contact us

Finacial Palnning
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